Is your school looking for compelling ways to integrate Islamic principles into the day to day life of your classrooms? Instead of having a short block for Islamic Studies would you prefer to use effective methods to infuse Quran principles throughout the day?

Light Legacy Books founder Rukayat Yakub has developed several workshops that can assist in integrating the Islamic Sciences seamlessly into your school day. She also has workshops on behavioral management as well as training in Montessori pedagogy.

Workshop available in 2018

Teaching using a Literature-Rich Curriculum

This workshop shows how teachers can use short true stories in teaching children beneficial knowledge across the curriculum. Lexile appropriate passages on Sirah, Akhlaq, Shamail, Quranic History and stories of Muslim heroes of various time periods can be used as a vehicle for teaching Grammar, Reading and Writing skills. As well as Social Studies and Islamic Studies in a plethora of educational settings.

Classroom Behavioral Management using a Grace and Courtesy approach.
This workshop shows how children benefit from using a three-prong approach to teaching adab (Grace and courtesy).

Direct lessons in adab (how to interrupt, ask a question, sneeze, wash hands etc)

Stories of the adab of the Messenger of Allah, Allah bless him and grant him peace)

Modeling of adab by the classroom guide/teacher.

It also shows practical ways a teacher can implement this approach in the classroom.
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