Public Speaking


Light Legacy Books (LLB) founder Rukayat Yakub is available to give the following LLB presentations


1. An overview of Light Legacy Books.
2. The Life of Shaykh Ahmadu Bamba.
3. Bilali Muhammad: A young scholar enslaved in the Americas.
4. Ella Collins: The legacy of a human right’s activist.
5. Nana Asma’u and the power of words.
6. An Introduction to Female African Scholarship.
7. Using Light Legacy Books in your classroom or homeschool coop.


School/Community Visits


Our authors and translators are available to visit your school or community center. Visits include book signing, book reading or story telling and a host of activities that transport the audience into the world of the book they are exploring.

Please visit our contact page to request an Events Kit for your institution or for more booking details.